Domain .INFO for 0.99 $: share information with the whole world!


The company announces the start of a new campaign: until May 30, 2017, any of our customers can significantly save and register a domain in the .INFO zone for only 0.99 $. We remind you that the special price applies only to the first year of registration. For the second and subsequent years, the fee will be standard.

The .INFO domain includes a list of the most popular and popular. The web address on such an Internet site will be a good choice for the media, information, research and PR agencies, sites with interesting facts and lifhakas, as well as for training resources and official websites of educational institutions. If you are the owner of a company and want to provide customers with additional information about products, promotions or convenient online help, the .INFO domain zone will also be an excellent solution for you.

With the .INFO domain zone you will be able to:
- reflect in the web address that providing and finding reliable information is your main goal;
- use the domain in promotional materials and as an effective marketing tool at presentations, exhibitions and other events;
- use it for additional projects.

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